Model: LizJuice

This was my outfit yesterday. Sorry for this bad photoquality ^__^°

I really love this skirt, it’s the most comfy and best I have… even if this one is old and get destroyed more and more, I’ll wear this to death.

T-Shirt: Lauren Vidall

Blazer&Thights: atmosphere

Skirt: Yessica

Shoes: Vagabond

I wanted to go out with a lolita-outfit at first, but know I have to walk much, so I’ve took a comfy outfit with comfy shoes, and HELL YES, this is totally cozy for myself.

My circle lens are… well… I LOVE them. But I don’t have worn them often in the last time. So this day show to me: wear them girl, they are pretty awesome♥ If these GEO Lens are over, I’ll surely order one pair agian~

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